Sunday, 18 November 2012

Expat Wisdom

Yesterday we were meeting up at a café at 1 pm. Two Finns, one Swede and one Russian. We were slightly surprised because the streets were empty and many of the shops were closed, but didn't think much more about it.

Shame on us.

17 November is a public holiday. In English it's the day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day and in Slovak Deň boja za slobodu a demokraciu*. On this day people commemorate the student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939 as well as the 1989 demonstrations in Prague and Bratislava that marked the beginning of the Velvet Revolution.

A lot of weird events and happenings are commemorated in the world; peace and democracy are probably two of the more important ones.

* a quick analysis. Deň (= day, subject) boja (=struggle, genitive masc.) za (= for, preposition req. accusative) slobodu (=freedom, fem. accusative) a demokraciu (=democracy, fem. accusative)

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