Friday, 26 June 2009

Topless in Public

I must admit that I was a bit shocked when I heard that the city of Malmö in southern Sweden has decided that women are allowed to bath topless in public swimming pools. Mostly I'm surprised with my own reaction: why should it be wrong or immoral for a woman to show her breasts? After all, it´s one of the most natural things in the world. But, after spending some time thinking about this whole issue, I realised that my problem is my highly conservative idea that a person's worth should be based on his or her personality and skills, not on some strange concept of beauty or ugliness based on the size of one's breasts. It has nothing to do with swimming pools.
If a woman prefers to swim topless because it is more comfortable, then it should be up to her to decide. In the western world, the female body has been treated with a lot of controversy and idiotic assumptions of what is right and wrong. A feminist stance is to claim that all these ideas come from men, who have suffered slight problems in understanding that a woman is a more complex creature than just a wife/mother/mistress. Female sexuality was (and still is) seen as something dirty; men were attracted by it, but wives and mothers had to be "pure", and asexual somehow. Their sexual desires were fulfilled by prostitutes and other fallen women who had no morality and were ignored by the "good people". Which, if one thinks about it, makes very little sense. But, of course it made a lot of sense to those who decided to suppress female sexuality altogether. Once upon a time it was a great sin for a woman to show her ankles, the latest trend is for girls to overexpose themselves to feel that they are acccepted by men and envied by other women. Maybe more nudity, in its natural form, would do our society some good; maybe the myth of what a female body should look like could finally burst just like the bubble that it really is. Men would wake up to see that not all girls look like porn stars, and some women might realise that there is no need to look like a porn star.
So really, there's nothing wrong in allowing toplessness. At the end of the day, it gives women the possibility to decide what is comfortable for them personally.

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