Thursday, 18 June 2009

Miss Moody Strikes Again

Sometimes I just don't understand myself, the last few days I have been covered by some big black cloud that has made me both intolerable and horible.

Here are the steps of the moodiness process

a) some external, irritating aspect attacks: it can be the heat, hunger, pain, female problems, or somebody's behaviour. Or all. at once.

b) instead of locking myself into a room and stay there until bad temper has passed (like I should do), I opt for the more dangerous option; wanting my boyfriend to cheer me up. Obviously I cannot tell him about it, because I don't want to come across as whiney and demanding. Boyfriend probably feels that something is wrong because he escapes to his computer after checking that I'm OK (come on, even if my mouth says that I am OK, it should be evident that this is not the case).

c) level of moodiness hits a new all time high because now everything comes crashing down.

d) welcome stubborness: I, the egocentric horrible whiney girlfriend, am feeling bad and am not going to suggest anything because he has hurt my feelings and ladiladilaa. So I prefer to sulk and think about bad things, making the big black cloud grow even further.

Seeing my behaviour written down in a list like this, I see the solution very clearly. Although one of the best and most comforting things in the world is to be hugged by my boyfriend (you should try), I probably should hide in some dark room until the moodiness has passed. Make myself a moodiness-emergency-package (good book, chocolate, fruit and something nice to drink) and try to cheer myself up. As someone wise once said: don't expect from others what you can't do for yourself. Or something like that.

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