Monday, 15 June 2009


My getting fit project is going, if not completely according to plan, then at least forward. The last four days I have done quite a bit of exercise; pilates and walking/running. The pilates exercises are showing their true face in the form of sore stomach muscles. I have given the cardio quite a smooth start, better to take it slow and steady than to face a total collapse. Now I should slowly start increasing the distance, so that the running will have some effect. The other day we found a good route, so maybe I will try it out tomorrow (today is devoted to grocery shopping and cleaning). Once I can run 60 minutes without stopping, I will try to improve the intensity.  


The food part is more of a mess: three days of pasta is not ideal, although I dare to say that it's not as unhealthy as many think. On a more positive note, my intake of white bread has dropped dramatically (very much helped by the fact that I'm a great fan of rye bread). Furthermore, I'm starting to get into the tea-rut again. Drinking hot tea during a heat wave that lasts for 3-4 months is not the most appetizing of ideas, but who said it has to be hot? Instead of buying ready made iced teas with tons of added sugar, putting a tea bag in a glass of cold water and with ice is just as good.  Green tea is surprisingly tasty, and a lot less bitter than the hot version.


Anyways, there are several salads I want to try (shrimps, salmon, goat cheese), so maybe this week could be the good moment.



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