Monday, 22 December 2008

Over the Moon

Today I’m so happy that I’m tingling all over, sitting down and concentrating is impossible (that is probably why my boss strategically put the Fazer chocolate right on my table, in a vain? attempt to keep me right here), all I want to do is hug people. Hug my parents, my brothers, my friends, the dog, my colleagues and all the palm trees. My boyfriend (who deserves to be mentioned on his own as he reads this) would get a biiiig hug in the closet.

So the cause of this extraordinary happiness is…

… my family. It’s only a few months since I last saw them but oh how I have been missing them. Talking about everything with my mother, harassing my little brothers and just chilling with my dad are all things that I find immensely relaxing, but also energising. As a family we have never been really expressive and emotional, but they are the best family one could possibly wish for (with the possible exception of those heated discussions when my brothers are two seconds from killing each other)

… the morning walk. It does wonders to both mind and body, and I can’t understand why I don’t do it more often. Well, yes. I do know. If the choice is between getting a ride and walking for 30 mins, and this particular choice has to be made at 7 a.m. it is quite obvious that any person as lazy as me would choose the first option. This morning was fabulous: the sky slowly getting lighter, chilly air (-2ºC), no people on the streets and Christmas lights brightening the way. Inspiring enough to make it to the list of New Year’s Resolutions?

… that chocolate placed on my desk. I love thee, Karl Fazer. Sugar rush + overdose of vitamin C = a feeling even better than that special sort of tipsiness created by a tasty drink*, great company and fabulous conversation (now, beat that one, Einstein!)

* it must have been years since I last had a cocktail. Cocktail party, anyone?

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