Sunday, 21 December 2008

Best Right Now

The hottest(sometimes literally)

Oranges & Pomegranates

Getting all the necessary amount of vitamine C is only an excuse. OK, getting enough of those organic compounds will keep nasty flus at bay, but the truth is that there is nothing more refreshing than freshly squeezed orange juice. Recently I found some pomegranate in the nearest supermaket and these little red "things" are quickly turning into snack most wanted.

Moisturising is essential at this time of the year (well, isn't it always?) As it can be quite boring at times (really, when it comes to beauty stuff, finding the right moisturiser has quite a low fun factor), not to mention time consuming, the best is to find out what works for you and stick to it. One beauty essential every girl should have in her beauty box is the Touche Eclat from YSL. It makes miracles to almost any face. In fact, this little wonder in a stick is not only exclusive to women; the version for men will surely brighten their day too!

Knowing the time. I kid you not, is incredibly cool, and what´s better than one of these "old-fashioned" alarm clocks which will wake up the whole building (including the monster twins next door*)

Keep your toes warm and you will be prepared for anything.

Other turn ons: silk, Japanese lietarture, sitting in the sun, silly books, Christmas songs and keeping plants alive.

*The "monster" twins are actually quite sweet, and will surely be absolutely adorable as soon as they learn to sleep at night.

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