Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Wars have been waged, the US has elected its first black president, China has hosted the Olympic games. Britney Spears is back and Madonna has gotten a divorce. Planet Earth keeps moving and little has actually changed.

Most major* events will have some sort of an impact on my life, but even so, this year my life has mostly been revolving around... myself.

Achievement of the Year:

Definitely graduating. I have never felt so proud of something that I did before. It took a lot of effort, time, frustration, banging the head against the wall. Yes you name it, I probably did it in my frustration. Although some courses were really amazing, Russian was as interesting as chewing wood. I just completely lost all the motivation and joy to learn that I had had before. Forcing yourself to learn a foreign language when your interest levels are below zero is extremely difficult, but somehow I managed to get both a first and a distinction (in spoken Russian, what a joke!). It's good to continue from here.

Whim of the Year:

Beware all feminists, I did it, I moved to a foreign country because of a man.

Lucky Strike of the Year:
Finding a job, and a flat, as quickly as I did.

Film of the year
Uuh, I have forgotten all the films I watched... but it was probably something crazy and insane

Music of the year
New music, new music... As I haven't heard the newest album from Finnish rapper Asa (aka Avain), I will have to say... Depeche Mode :)

Event of the year
Really, I don't do events. Although having fever during the fallas was quite a mind blowing experience (the real experience being running around town in a very feverish state)

Memory of the year
Probably the last day in Manchester. Saying goodbye to the city was very, very sad, but at the same time I was so excited about everything ahead.

Colour of the year
Leopard spots! It's not really a colour, but it is a fixation

Hobby of the year
I would say that I have quite enjoyed both the gym ball and the yoga book

Improvement of the year
Maybe the ability to actually raise my voice when I feel bad, instead of letting people treat me like a door mat.

Silliness of the year
Being jealous. Why now? It has never happened to me before.

This year has also fabuosly consisted of kisses, silk, snoopy, over knee socks (gosh, other fixation), oranges, sunshine, snoopy, pin ups, good blogs, eating good food, messing around and basically just enjoying life.

* I do not consider neither Britney nor Madonna as a major "event"

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