Thursday, 29 January 2015

My square meter of privacy

As I write this, I am hiding in a toilet on a boat. There is not a storm outside but in my world this does indeed feel like a hurricane. Good thing then that we do not have hurricanes in my part of the world. This morning - the first of a few mornings off - I have spent a great deal of time counting my blessings. Not so much because of the not-really-a-storm outside, it is rather my opinion about the world being a total mess that has made me more thankful. 

My world is not black and white. It consists of a multitude of greys with splashes of colour. This means that I usually get it. It is perfectly clear why most people act the way they do. Take the elections in Greece, for instance. As a citizen of Finland I'd rather not see our tax money being emptied into a black hole. However, I do understand why people would want to return to a more normal state of life in Greece. I cannot expect normal and average people to take responsibility for the actions of corrupt leaders. If I were in their shoes, I'd probably vote for the one promising me a more normal life too.

Therein lies the paradox. Or the problem. Call it what you want, but the world is too complex for my liking. We have made it too complicated. So, I reach out to the last rays of hope and count my blessings, trying to simplify my own life in the process, while the storm is gathering its forces outside. 

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