Tuesday, 9 December 2014

[Joy] Joy is... travelling!

I cannot imagine my life without travelling. 

2014 has been filled with some interesting trips and travels, mainly in central Europe, but we also managed to squeeze in a week in Spain. Sadly enough, I only visited Hungary once. The whole trip consisted of a few sad hours in lovely Esztergom, My love for Hungary seems to stick - I sometimes forget about it, but it will always eventually strike with full force. So, next year I definitely want to go to Hungary. Szeged, Pécs and Kecskemet are all places that I would like to see. Poland is another place that I need to visit now and then to keep my sanity. This year we experienced Warsaw and Gdansk, next year it might be time to visit Poznan.

However, one of my dreams for 2015 is to go further. The boyfriend and I have been discussing three possible scenarios: Australia, China/Japan or South America. The Wanderlust is increasing every day!

NaBloPoMo December 2014

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Anonymous said...

Not that you asked me, but I vote for a North America trip in 2015 so that we could meet in real life. :)