Wednesday, 10 December 2014

[Joy] Joy is.. saying no!

A couple of weeks back I decided to stop drinking coffee. As it turned out, it wasn't tasty anymore. The reasoning behind the decision was simply that what's the point in doing something that does not bring me in any joy. So I stopped. And I haven't looked back (yet)(who knows what will happen in the future).

And suddenly I realize that my life is slightly more joyful than before because...

...instead of coffee, I am now drinking tea. What's more fun than experimenting with different types of tea?'s easier to get up in the morning. Before I was unable to cope in the morning before having my coffee, now I cope a lot better since I know I won't be getting any coffee anyway.

The point being? I think that sometimes it is a good idea to break a routine to see what life can bring us. The change might be a positive one.

NaBloPoMo December 2014

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PorkStar said...

Kuddos to you lady. Leaving coffee behind is one of the things I will never see myself doing. 24 hours with no coffee for me and withdrawals start kicking in...

Yeah i'm on the addiction part of it, but love it.

I'm from Colombia and there's no way coffee won't be in my veins and / or brain :)