Monday, 8 December 2014

[Joy] Joy is... Learning!

Her big brown eyes lit her pale face when she started to tell us about her adventures in Japan. The best thing, she said, was all the things she learnt by talking to people and hearing their stories.

The most amazing thing about language learning is the moment one realizes that s/he can understand what the world around is saying, the ability to make oneself understood in a world of aliens.

The best moments in her life were spent in bars with anonymous people who recounted their adventures in foreign lands. They taught her so much, and inspired her to walk her own path, a path unknown to the rest.

You cannot hold on to past happiness, you need to go for it. Seeking happiness will not automatically increase one's happiness. Rather, keep doing something you like every day, one day you will get there. And if the final destination is not what you planned it to be, at least you will have had happy moments very single day of your life.

NaBloPoMo December 2014

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