Sunday, 26 October 2014

[500 Days/ Day 5*] Shadows

Walking in the shadows. 
Shadow is a beautiful word. 
In the shadows is where everything happens. 
The dreams and the adventures that nobody talks about. 
The whispers, the secrets, 
the desires. 
In the shadows nobody sees you clearly, so you can be yourself.
And what you wish to be. 
It's a place located near our conscience, it's almost tangible,
but not quite.
It's a place for secrets, for silence. 
A twisted distortion, but reality nonetheless. 
Imperfection, accepted. 

Shadow. Skugga. Varjo. Árnyék. Sombra. Tieň. Cień**. Tень. 

*These days seem to come in no specific order
** Interesting how it rhymes.

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