Saturday, 11 October 2014

500 Days: Day 1

500 days from today it will February 23, 2016. 

I wonder what will happen in 500 days. What places will I have been to by then? What will I have seen? What will I have done?

Today, on October 11, I am sitting under a blanket in our living room. I am drinking a lemon-flavoured energy tea, feeling quite satisfied with myself and life. My boyfriend is sitting at the kitchen table, studying. The sun is shining outside and I'm getting ready for the things I want to do today: clean the bathroom, dry some chilies and feel inspired. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about appreciation, inspiration, gratefulness, thankfulness. I have read about Ayurveda, schema therapy, mindful eating, the importance of narratives, Spanish grammar. I have started to practice tai chi. I have enjoyed the colours of autumn and visited my brother's baby daughter.

The world around me is wonderful. 

But I think we need more simplicity. And goodness. The other day there was a drunk man on the train. There was something so innocently sincere about him when he cheerfully talked to the people around him. All the sober ones looked dreadfully bored. The most beautiful thing was when he thanked the couple he had been conversing with: thanking them for their time and the half hour well spent on a good conversation. 

One of the highlights of any weekday morning is my morning walk. Fifteen minutes from the train station, through the city centre. As long as my feet don't get wet, it's a time that I cherish. A time for collecting thoughts.

After work

Before work

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