Saturday, 23 March 2013

Short Break.

I have a 5000-word assignment that needs to be handed in at midnight tomorrow. I’m halfway through and taking a break. Sometimes a break is needed. Phew. The topic is interesting, I’m toying around with EU foreign policy and Russia. Foreign policy is always hot. Foreign policy and Russia seem to be my destiny, somehow I always end up with those two.

I know I have been neglecting you all for a while – it should get better soon. Below are some photos of what time has been spent on lately. As you can see, it’s pretty much nothing.

I was happy to find my favourite shampoo in Slovakia. Shoes have been bought for spring. I have taken photos of myself, eating rice cookies and overdosing on coca cola. Apart from that trips have been planned, uni courses chosen for autumn, etc etc etc.

After deciding to stay in Slovakia, I’ve also been thinking about the stuff I’d like to do here. Blog and write more. Learn Slovak. Translate. Go to yoga. Go to the gym more often. Detox and cook more.



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Annica said...

Hm rice cookies... Do they have them over there?