Sunday, 17 February 2013

Slovak Goodies

Slovak food is hearty, typical of a country with strong rural roots. It is heavy on meat (especially pork), potatoes, dumplings, thick sauces and cheeses. If you’re looking for vegetables – there’s always cabbage, often in the form of sauerkraut. Salads are not traditional – but you will find them in restaurants in bigger cities. Try soup or a meat/cheese appetizer. Lunch is traditionally the largest meal of the day, with dinner on the lighter side.


I’m going to be honest here – I have stayed quite far from the local food, mostly because I cook my own. Sometimes I like having some Middle Eastern dish, which is quite far from Slovak cuisine. Nonetheless, there are some foods I really like, and I thought I’d share them with you.


Kapustnica – soup made on sauerkraut, meat, mushrooms, sausages and smetana (aka smotana in Slovakia). This is something I definitely want to make myself.


Nakladany hermelin – this is actually Czech, but nevermind. My mission is to find the best pickled hermelin in Bratislava. The one on top is in the going for the gold at the moment. What is nakladany hermelin? The cheese is similar to camebert, and it’s been marinated in oil, onion and spices. It’s really tasty with pickled onion and something spicy. And a glass of wine.



Wine – one of the things that surprised me the most when moving here was the quantity (and quality) of Slovak wine. No, I’m not a great connoisseur when it comes to wine, but this is good. It’s fairly cheap and most of all, it is local.



Tatratea/tatransky caj – this is something I prefer to avoid where possible, but those who know say it’s delicious. And OK. Tea is delicious.

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