Saturday, 2 February 2013

February It Is

Time flies. I have been in Slovakia for over four months, the winter has almost passed. The snow is gone, the rain is delighting us with its presence.

Existentialist doubts have invaded me, driven by some sort of melancholy. I don’t know where that melancholy stems from – maybe from the knowledge that this too shall pass? There are so many things making me happy; the people around me, the things I’m reading, the nights out, the walks around Bratislava, the songs and the laughter. And deep down inside, I know this too will change. People will come, and people will go. All of this will turn into memories. Maybe that is one of the hardest lessons to learn in life, now is now, what’s now might be gone tomorrow.  It’s something that must be accepted, and appreciated.

Lately I have spent a lot of time thinking about Spain. How wonderful it was to wake up at seven, go to the gym and have breakfast with Åsa. The palm trees, the orange trees. The general atmosphere. But then again, on the other hand, I have all these memories from a lot of places. Sometimes they are overwhelming, but at the end of the day I should be thankful for actually having all these great memories.

On Saturday mornings I love drinking coffee and finding random Hungarian music videos on youtube. In a while I need to turn my focus to the European Union and tonight it’s party time again.

The other day in the pub (the perfect place for learning Slovak), I heard this on the radio and could not help myself. This is so funny (and Czech, in case someone is wondering)!

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