Saturday, 17 March 2012

Waiting For The Rain

Yesterday was the last day of work at the “old place”. The whole week has been strange: it’s interesting to see how people move on even though you’re still there. I realise that it’s normal behaviour but in any case it felt odd. It’s difficult for me to get attached to people and I also try to avoid personal relationships at work because I believe that those relationships can lead to negative consequences – people have a tendency to irrationality and in case of fall-outs or disagreements people forget how to behave professionally. I will still miss my colleagues and now that we aren’t working together it might be fun to make friends with them Smile 

I will now enjoy three weeks of freedom. Most of this time will be dedicated to studying, but in a fun way. I’m planning on drinking cappuccinos in nice coffee shops and finding the brightest spots at the library. In a week + 2 days it’ll be time to visit Budapest.  All I will take with me is a pair of trainers. Apart from this I need to find balance: a lot of strong feelings have recently made their existence known. Strong feelings and passion ARE good, but in order to gain peace of mind, a person also needs moments of complete stillness and emptiness.

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