Sunday, 25 March 2012

En français

Once in a while, quite often actually, I feel like learning random sentences in French. Maybe French is the language of thoughts so advanced that no other language is good enough? The things I want to say in French are not normal or even useful – no, usually they are combinations of words that I’d like to use for book titles.

Ce jour-là le monde entier se mit à rire.


MariaSelf said...

Oh this feeling about French is too familiar - there is some magic about it. I recommend reading Pensées by Blaise Pascal - it's philosophical, yet very interesting and has a lot of interesting thoughts!

Zsuzsi said...

Maria, thanks for the tip. I will look for that book and (try to) read it :) In reality my French is really bad, but I refuse to read French literature in translation, which means that I usually end up not reading it at all... but the list of French book on the to-read-list is long!