Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On How To Fight The Boring Stuff

The plan was to clean the entire house today (thank G, we don’t have a big house!!). It started very well: phase 1 of cleaning is always the easy part, you just need to empty all the wardrobes, bookcases and cupboards so that you can clean them. Unfortunately phase 1 is also the most dangerous part, you see, this is when you find a lot of interesting things that you had forgotten existed.

In my case that tremendously interesting thing was a….dadada… red lipstick. Of course I had to try it on. Not the usual way, no. The other day I read an interesting article about applying lipstick with your fingers. So, time to play “apply bright red lipstick with your fingers”. After trying it on, it was time to document this very important event so that it would not be forgotten by history.


How much do you think I’ve cleaned in the past three hours? Not at all. Now it’s time to cook lunch, I’ll re-evaluate the situation after that Smile

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