Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What Happened To You? You Look Awful Today

…my colleagues really know how to charm a girl. Truth is, though, that I probably did look quite awful when they saw me, considering that I had just sneezed. And why is this worth saving this information for all eternity on this blog? Well…  boys, mind your tongue when you are near a woman.


It’s February. What’s happening?

  • This month I want to dedicate more time for yoga. In January I didn’t go to yoga even once, and I can really feel it – I’m about as flexible as a carrot. This week I’ve booked two classes, so that’s a start.
  • I’ll have to write and finish the first draft of my dissertation. It (the dissertation) will be about the integration policy on this island. As the island is autonomous, its laws and policies also differ from those of Finland. I think it will be interesting, and I will be able to use my knowledge from decision analysis, policy analysis and social psychology. I’m also trying a crash course in sociology so that I will know the basics at least.
  • On Sunday we will find out who is going to be the president of Finland for the next six years. I voted already, and now I’m hoping that my fellow citizens share my opinion.
  • I’m considering a trip to Stockholm to rest my head a little bit. Otherwise I’d like Helsinki but it’s so expensive and getting there is a pain.
  • The cold has reached us. I don’t like it so I need to pamper myself a bit more than usual in order to survive the remaining part of winter.


What will you be up to in February?

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