Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dear Fellow Passengers.. (the rant goes on)

.. I dearly hope that your behaviour on the bus today is not representative for our society as a whole. When I entered the bus this morning I almost crashed into two teenagers who were standing in the way and right next to the driver. Why not sit down when there is plenty of space so that other people can get it? Has it ever occurred to you that the risk for an accident is quite probable during the slippery winter months? Oh, I forgot, other people are scary and might bite your head off if they are having a bad day. So, it’s better to fly straight through the front window in case there is an accident. Luckily for me, I found a free seat right away next to an elderly lady. Now here we have today’s odd phenomenon number 2. When we were approaching the bus stop the lady in question was unable to look at me and say: “excuse me, this is where I’m getting off”. Instead she stood up (when the bus was still moving and quite far from the stop) and started waving with her handbag. What happened to your communication skills, lady?

Rumours. I hate rumours. This morning I was greeted with a “rumour has it that you…”. Why not say: “X told me that you are going to Y”? Now I know that at least two people have been discussing something that is absolutely none of their business, i.e. my future. They have been speculating about it without knowing all the facts (or more precisely, any facts) whatsoever. Should I be offended? Probably not, since this seems to be something humans do on a fairly regular basis. The problem is, however, that rumours can never be true because they are not based on any facts, instead they create a reality of their own.



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kim said...

Waving with her handbag? That's so freaking rude. There's no need for that kind of lack of courtesy. But sadly it's everywhere.