Sunday, 5 April 2009


Sunday. Sunny Sunday. Warm Sunday... Sitting on the balcony while enjoying the afternoon sunshine is very relaxing business, the birds are singing and children are playing. And even long-term interest rates seem to provide a certain dose of fascination... but only because of the sunshine!

During Fallas, Valencia sparkles with colours, noice and fire works.

La Sagrada Familia

View over Barcelona. If nothing disastrous happens, we will be returning in June/July. The main motive of the trip will be the U2-concert, but I'm hoping to be able to visit the chocolate museum and enjoy getting lost.
I did like Barcelona, and think that it might substitute Stockholm as destination number 1 for getting away for a while (Stockholm is indeed a bit far away these days). Barcelona is a nice place (although not as nice as Valencia) and it's only 3 hours away by train. Perfecto.

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