Monday, 27 April 2009

Bathing in Blusher (and Dust)

I was in such a good mood until I saw all the dust (this flat is drowning in dust, we would need a housekeeper to keep it dustfree, it's like having a desert right outside the door) and Madonna started to play (I don't like her at all..). But actually, the downward slope of the mood swing started when I put my hand in my bag and got it covered in pink blusher.

Well, I was in a good mood. There's a parcel waiting for me in the post office with Finnish goodies. The local EU-something-ladiladiladilaa sent me a paper about getting all the EU citizens in this town together. It´s actually quite a good idea.

There was a bunch of other good things too, but I've forgotten them now.

Hah, welcome sunshine.

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