Monday, 1 June 2015

With June Come the Holidays, Cheers to That!

Outside my window the typical Swedish summer is showing its face (it's raining cats and dogs and elephants) and here I am, sitting with my cup of tea. My good ol' friend the Laptop has finally been switched on. Two weeks of freedom await me. I have plans for the first three days. Today I will be attending a seminar on comparative politics (Finnish and Swedish) - this is fairly exciting, as the political situation in Finland is very interesting at the moment. Tomorrow I will attempt to run a 10 K. Wish me luck! And on Wednesday my taichi group is planning on getting the best of all worlds with taichi AND wine (ehem, actually a picnic) in the park. 

I know someone how told me that she'd spend half of her summer holiday cleaning. CLEANING! Now, I know that people are different and who am I to judge anyway? But... for me, time off work means more time to explore and learn new things. And possibly to catch up on missed sleep. 

One of the must-go places in Stockholm: the library


PorkStar said...

How nice and coincidentally, I wrote on my travel blog about traveling to Sweden earlier today :)

Zsuzsi said...

Where does one find your travel blog? :)