Sunday, 3 May 2015

#NaBloPoMo May 3: Your Feelings

Quite messy, sometimes sensible. More often illogical, but also paradoxical. Trying to think the best of people. A believer of positive thinking, curious. Stubborn. Usually not sharing. 

Today I have felt happy because of the sunshine, grateful for my boyfriend. Running made me feel tired, the week ahead awoke my anticipation. Watering my plants relaxed me.

I hate taking the lift because I feel uncomfortable with too much people too close to me. So, I take the stairs and my overall health improves.

Stupidity and a lack of information anger me. There is no cure, no stairs and no salvation from that. But a tasty cup of tea makes life better,

Also, I find that a good splash of colour is an instant booster on any mentally rainy day.

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