Friday, 13 December 2013

hlúposť [SK: stupidity, nonsense, silliness, trifle, simplicity]

How much time do we spend thinking about how stupid, annoying, idiotic or whatnot the people around us are?

Pictures like this one surround us on Facebook:

My question is: why do we care so much? Sure, people who are seemingly stupid might make our life a bit more difficult, but why waste so much time on thinking about them?

Maybe someone else’s stupidity is just an assumption. Maybe it’s not their intention to be stupid; maybe they know something I/you/we don’t know; maybe, just maybe, we are the ones being stupid? And sure. Then there are idiots. Real ones. But – is it possible to change someone’s idiotic behaviour by complaining about it?

It is my own personal (and highly subjective) opinion that by letting people be the way they are and not stressing about it too much, we save a lot of energy that can be used on more positive thoughts and feelings.

Just saying.

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