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There is a list I borrowed from thesadbox. In order to be a bit bit inventive, I have also added some pictures from Belgrade.


10 things that I like:

  • sitting in a bar with interesting people, sipping on wine and hear the words flow.
  • that moment when one realizes something big.
  • coffee in the morning.
  • Slavic languages.  
  • books.
  • lazy breakfasts in the sun.
  • cuddling.
  • laughter.
  • the feeling during and after a good workout.
  • politics.


9 things that I like less:

  •   Ignorance.
  • People who try to force their opinions on you.
  • That feeling of not being enough, and sometimes the feeling of being a complete failure.
  • Stress.
  • Meat without veggies.
  • Snow.
  • Violence.
  • Differing between people and people.
  • Boasting.


8 blogs I read (I don’t read so many blogs these days…):


7 things I want to do in the future:

  • own a library – because there is nothing better than books
  • run far
  • be happy
  • analyse more, learn more, study more
  • travel
  • write – try to find my creative streak
  • wear more yellow – why not?


6 things I’m afraid of:

  • cows
  • peacocks
  • the way the world is heading
  • that something will happen to my family and those I care about.
  • nothing more.


5 places I like to be at

  • walking in the street
  • pubs and bars and coffee shops
  • libraries and anywhere I can find a book
  • in foreign lands
  • wherever my friends are


 4 words that describe me

  • cheerful
  • optimist
  • fair
  • clumsy


3 things I’m looking forward to

  • our trip to Budapest next weekend and all other trips we will do
  • improving my language skills
  • the summer holidays Smile



2 good films: (I’m terrible at films)
- blank

1 good song:





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