Saturday, 21 March 2015

[500 Days] Fiilistelyä

Hello friends!

I have now a long list of posts to write, but let's begin with a "feel good"-one. 

1) Google knows how to confuse (and to entertain)

2) Oh my, Google shocked me so badly that I have nothing more to say.
Just kidding. 
But let's skip the list. 
Let's see. 
Life is quite ordinary. I am starting to think that ordinary is good. The other day I noticed that I'm quite the Conservative and Unexcited. As always it was a book that gave me insight. I think monogamy is great. And so is order and following the rules. And paying the taxes. My inner rebel has been silenced. It will probably show its face when it's time to vote. 

The great question: will I vote? This is a tough one indeed. I'll actually be in Finland before the elections, so I could vote without the hassle to go to the embassy (because let's face it, Finland is so much easier to go to than central Stockholm).. One should always vote. It's a duty, a responsibility and a right, all in one. But what if none of the candidates feels right?

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