Monday, 30 June 2014

Random Thoughts On Nothing In Particular

It's been a hectic month, this month of June. I spent most of it on a train, but managed to squeeze in some travelling and celebrations as there were so many public holidays. I have been dreaming of a writer's hut and swallowed books.

We have seen some flats and almost cursed the situation in Stockholm, finding a flat is almost impossible. Funny enough, it was easier to find work than a place to live.
I started going to the gym at work, it's great.

Working in Sweden is completely different than in Slovakia. Once a week we have an hour to do whatever we want for our wellbeing (known as friskvårdstimme in Swedish, we celebrate with bubbles when the company shows positive numbers and the Friday fika is a holy thing.

The best thing - the very best thing - is that I will have three weeks of paid holiday even though I just started working in May. I'm planning to take the holiday in October and I'm already dreaming about faraway lands. It's exciting.

It's good to be back! :)

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