Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Pea Soup Disaster

Why do all good ideas decide to make their voices heard in the shower where there is no pens and even less paper?

In the shower I thought of Finland. Here in Bratislava we have a small circle of Finnish people: great people, kind people. People with so many stories to tell. Some have gone back, others are planning their return. Others never want to go back.

We admire, we complain, we compare. Some are here for the adventure, others found love. Then there are some with nowhere else to go.

Sometimes I’d like to go beyond the façade, scratch the surface, look deeper inside.

The point of stories is, after all, to teach and to create infinity.

And yes.

Today I also made some pea soup.

One needs peas, 2 small onions, and some bacon. Boil almost until they explode.


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