Thursday, 5 July 2012

Life. Now.

Imagine a small fluffy and confused bright yellow ball. That’s me, happily but somewhat hesitantly bouncing toward you! Yesterday I went to Stockholm and ended up sleeping in the sunshine because it was so comfy and warm. And there were some Russians around and it was so pleasant listening to Russian that it was way too much of an effort to keep my eyes open.

Random Russians

Today I have been trying to get my act together a little bit. In the end, I’ve only been drooling over a certain British actor*. And sorting clothes. And talking about boys. And doing push-ups. Well, the day is still young. Two hours to go ‘til midnight. I can still squeeze in some writing before it’s time to go to bed.

*and so would you, if you knew who I’m talking about.

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MariaSelf said...

Ha-ha, never thought that Russian speech can make pple fall asleep;-)))) Susann, you may feel free to call me every night before you go to sleep, and I'll be singing you in Russian!!!:-)))