Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

One thing that I have never really understood is why every newspaper/magazine which is a little bit less serious feels the urge to discuss the appearance of female politicians. Is politics really some sort of an armed race between women where the arms consist of posing topless or smile nicely while keeping the mouth shut (although some mumbling about family values always seems to be appreciated)?

I know that these female politicians cannot control journalists, but they can influence the signals they send out about themselves.

Everyone has the right to privacy, not the least politicians who spend most of their time in the spotlight. However, there is a slight difference between keeping your private life private and having all your three engagements to three different men within a year splashed out in media. A woman can look absolutely gorgeous and be extremely intelligent without having to show her breasts in public.

And what about the voters? Are we really so big-brother-brainwashed and spoilt by capitalism that we just don´t care anymore? Money sells and sex sells even more. Well, hey hey. Wake up.

Politics is not about being pretty. And it's not about sex. It's not about telling the whole world about all your own personal worries and good times as if you were the heroine of a pink fairy tale. It's not about earning three times more money than the average citizen for just wearing out your bottom (squeezed into chanel naturellement), in a nice office.

It is about representing the people who have chosen you to make decisions for them. People who have, willingly or not, to a certain degree entrusted you the power to affect their own future, and the future of their children. You form their lives by your actions, thoughts, behaviour and decisions. And you, as a politician, are aware of this fact, so put your clothes on, think with your head and leave your personal matters where they belong, far away from the public eye. If this seems too impossible, there are endless options: join a circus, apply for playboy or move to Nauru.

And yes. This does not only apply to women, I strongly suggest that many male politicians keep their pants on and the frogs inside their mouth.

As for the journalists who comes up with these stories and "beauty competitions"; writing the daily horoscope could be a more suitable task for them. That would at least help to improve their lousy imagination.

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