Sunday, 15 February 2009


Thank you, Kicki, for sending this to me. Oh how ture it is :)

An 8-year-old boy asks his father:

What's politics?

The dad replies:

Yes, let me explain it to you, this is what it's like: when I bring home my salary, that's CAPITALISM. Your mother, who makes the decisions here at home is the GOVERNMENT. Grandpa, who ensures that everything is in its place and takes care of everything so that it works smoothly is the TRADE UNION. Our maid represents the WORKING CLASS. And we all have the same goal, for you and your little broher to have good lives, because you are the PEOPLE and your brother is the FUTURE. Do you understand what I mean?

Not really, says the boy, but I will sleep on it.

At night he is woken up by his screaming little brother who has pooed himself, so he goes to wake up his parents. He can only find his mother, and it is impossible to wake her up. So he goes to wake up the maid, where he finds his father having sex with her. Grandpa is standing outside the window, watching. They are all so busy that they do not notice the boy, so he goes back to his room and falls asleep.

At breakfast the next morning, the kid tells his father:
Dad, now I know what politics is.

This is what its like:
CAPITALISM takes advantage of the WORKING CLASS. The TRADE UNION watches callously. The GOVERNMENT prefers to sleep. The PEOPLE are being completely ignored. And the FUTURE... well, the future is in a very shitty situation.

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